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but you s a v e d me

Benedict’s reaction after getting asked question from Naomi @ cumberbatchweb 

Benedict acting like a twit at The Hobbit: BOFA press line 2014 x

Ben at SDCC, July 26th 2014

Ben at SDCC, July 26th 2014

Sleepy Hollow season 2 clip



Comic-Con: Watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk Sherlock, ‘Penguins’ and more (x)

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Oh you know I hate to see you cryin’
So if you don’t mind leavin’ you can just go see
If there’s a hole for you to crawl and die in
All the ways you spit in my face
You know that those days are through
And now I’m going round town cuttin’ off dead weight
And the first thing that came to my mind was you

Well I’m starting a whole new band
I’m playin’ drums on an old gas can
Dancin’ on a bridge with a match in my hand
Yeah I’m a mean mean man


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